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ABC's Detection, Response, and Control Management - Research Proposal Example

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The study “ABC’s Detection, Response, and Control Management" consider that company in order to minimize risks and maximize its efficiency should use a business continuity program, disaster recovery plan, computer incident response team, information assurance, and risk management program in place…
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ABCs Detection, Response, and Control Management
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Extract of sample "ABC's Detection, Response, and Control Management"

Download file to see previous pages We carry out a discussion in light of Risk Management, Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Management, Computer Incident Response Team, and Information Assurance.ABC is a new multi-national Management Consulting Firm with headquarters in the US. With a core 1000 staff members, ABC handles both off-site and on-site consultancy operations. ABC has branch offices at ten locations all over the world. Amongst its clientele is software companies, oil exploration and drilling companies, hospitality, insurance, and banking corporations. ABC seeks to carry out a critical analysis of its current management practices and look for suggestions for the development of management practices for detection, response, and control on an anomalous activity, or an intrusion in the Information Technology and functioning of the company. We carry out in-depth current practices in light of “Risk assessment and risk management”, “Backups and Business continuity planning”, “Disaster recovery planning”, “The future of information assurance”, “Computer Incident Response Teams” that makes the systems more robust and less vulnerable to outside attacks.
We carry out an analysis of the current risk assessment and risk management policies of the company. Risk Identification is the first step in Risk Management.  Risk Assessment follows and is fundamental to all risk management activities. Identification is followed by prioritization and management of risks. Risk assessment is assessing security threat perception to an organization, its systems and working. Ahrens et al describe it as the process of assessing security-related risks from internal and external threats to an entity, its assets, or personnel.T he Risk Assessment in the company depends upon two factors. One is the quantifiable object of risk and the other is the probability of its occurrence. Generally, the Risk is calculated as the multiplication factor of the two. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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