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Catharus Bicknelli - Decline of a New Hampshire Bicknells Thrush Population - Assignment Example

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This paper "Catharus Bicknelli - Decline of a New Hampshire Bicknell’s Thrush Population" focuses on Catharus bicknelli - a forest-dwelling songbird found at altitudes of 740m and above in New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, as well as in southeastern Canada.  …
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Catharus Bicknelli - Decline of a New Hampshire Bicknells Thrush Population
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Download file to see previous pages In winters C. bicknelli migrates mainly to montane broadleaf forests of Dominican Republic. It has been listed as a priority species for most ornithological organisations of the locations where it is still surviving. This study aims to estimate the decline in the population of C. bicknelli during the period of 1993 to 2003.
The area selected for the study was White Mountain National Forest in north-central New Hampshire. Routes were charted to enable observation of maximum geographical area covered with coniferous forests and adjacent mixed forests, at elevations ranging from 740 to 1470m. Trained observers conducted annual point counts from June 5 to June 28, between 0500 and 1100 hrs EST; starting at one point and then using the rope to station at point two, 250m apart. Observations were taken consistently in silent period of 5 minutes for 10 days every year, excluding days with rain or wind velocity above 40km/h. Annual trend of birds spotted or heard in all routes was fitted against time, for a common set of routes and points. The count in year y (Cy), was assumed to follow the following model:
E(Cy)=A*by, where, b is the trend coefficient for the annual rate of change in population size. The model was fitted using non-linear least squares, or in other words, Poisson regression allowing for over- or under-dispersion.
The study revealed a substantial decline of the population of C. bicknelli during the study period; being maximum in small patches of Terrace Mountains and Mount Crawford while in expansive habitats of Carter Moriah Range and Presidential Range, least decline was estimated. Previous studies have revealed the eradication of C. bicknelli from several Island and coastal areas of Canada, Mount Greylock, Dixville Notch, NH and Brook Notch, ME. The population decline has also been reported from Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.    ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Catharus Bicknelli - Decline of a New Hampshire Bicknells Thrush Popu Assignment)
Catharus Bicknelli - Decline of a New Hampshire Bicknells Thrush Popu Assignment.
“Catharus Bicknelli - Decline of a New Hampshire Bicknells Thrush Popu Assignment”, n.d.
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