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Population - Assignment Example

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Specifically, the contributing factors to this decline include high infant mortality, low birth rates, immigration, poor health care services, low life…
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Extract of sample "Population"

Russian Population Pyramid Retrieved http The Russian population and demographic composition is in a crisis as the countrys population decreases at an alarming rate. Specifically, the contributing factors to this decline include high infant mortality, low birth rates, immigration, poor health care services, low life expectancy and high alcohol consumption (Weir n.p; Stratfor. n.p). These demographic changes have a significant impact on the political and social landscape in the country. The combination of the immigration and generation factor strains the social services in the country. Encouraging youth immigration is one of the potential solutions to the national catastrophe (Weir n.p). Given the economic position of the country and other development as observed in the opening of the Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony, these facilities are attractive to the young population that will create a strong foundation for the future of the nation.
The population shift in Russia is highly due to the poor standards of living. As a result, the mortality rate for the males is high leading to a need for an immediate intervention. Unfortunately, the ban policy adopted by the government has more adverse impacts than advantages. As observed, the number of children adopted by American couples is high thus reducing children-related expenses for the administration (Herszenhorn and Eckholm n.p). With the current poverty and health care status, more children are likely to suffer from malnourishment and diseases increasing infant mortality beyond its present rate. Consequently, the future demography of the country will constrain the government, as dependent ratio will be very high.
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