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Letter on the desire to become a college coach - Essay Example

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This follows your college’s expression of interest in hiring a competitive coach that can lead the college’s football team to winning major national and international tournaments. I…
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Extract of sample "Letter on the desire to become a college coach"

Personal address) (Recipient’s address) Dear Sir, I am writing to offer my application for the position of a college coach in your This follows your college’s expression of interest in hiring a competitive coach that can lead the college’s football team to winning major national and international tournaments. I learnt of the job opening through my former trainer, whom I currently work with. He recommended the opportunity as my best chance to advance my career towards my dream of winning trophies in major tournaments. My interest in your college team is further driven by my passion as one of the team’s supporters since my teenage years. I have for this reason been following their games and training sessions and I am informed of their potentials, to be exploited, and their weaknesses that should be managed for success in competitions.
Besides my personal interest in the college team and my passion for its success, I have extensive and outstanding skills and qualities that meet the college’s expectation of a football coach. I am a trained coach who meets the national coaching standards for a national league team. My experience as a coach also establishes confidence in my performance potentials. Based on my training, I have the capacity to ensure the student’s physical fitness through offering safe training. This guarantees mitigation of the college’s liabilities that would arise from student’s injuries while on sporting duties, either in trainings or in competitions. I have successfully achieved this as a high school coach, a position in which I served for six years. My experience also includes coaching special team’s ‘runningbacks’, wide receivers, tight ends, and offensive coordination. My personal attributes include a firm belief in positive coaching, and respect and discipline among team members. I am also a hard worker who ensures motivation of my team for effective preparations before each game. Further, I am a self-motivated individual, self reliant, positive, a self-starter, energetic, trustworthy, and a team player.
My skills and experience, therefore, identify my qualification as the best candidate for this job. This is because my intrinsic motivational features and my long-term passion for the team have already established a commitment towards a high-leveled leadership and management that will not depend on external environmental factors. My successful coaching experience also guarantees success with the college team. Similarly, my leadership potentials will ensure a good relationship between the team and the school administration through an established high-level of discipline among team members and a link for solving the players’ possible concerns.
I look forward to the opportunity that will offer the college an opportunity to utilize my ability to improve the football team’s performance as much as it allows me the chance to be part of a team that I have loved for a long time. I will be ready to discuss more about myself when called upon for an interview. I will also be available to assume the responsibility as soon as I shall be called upon. Thank you in advance for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
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