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Facebook Influence - Research Paper Example

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The wave of admiration and acceptance that the ‘Like’ button has gathered in just a span of 2 years is a by-product of the success of its parent,…
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Facebook Influence
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Download file to see previous pages und to have an influence on the personality, as people have learnt to share the happenings of their life, their state of mind, mood swings and vent out their stress and hard feelings, without having to wait for a live audience or an opportune time. Spending time on Facebook is also found to be a way of overcoming the shyness and inhibitions posed by direct communication methods. It is a way of opening up a person’s personality, making him/her more socially overt and expressive. This is done to the extent of revealing private information, but for the widely published consequences of disclosing such data (Aral, and Walker 337-41).
An analysis of the site brought forth the proposition that female users are more influenced by it and consider Facebook an essential part of their daily routine as compared to their male counterparts. The social well-being of women is influenced by the usage of Facebook, as they feel more related to their distant friends and relatives through the site. This is all the more true in case of people in single and divorced status.
Another vital observation on the influence of Facebook is that it is leading to a wave of networked progression of culture, interactions and connections (Aral, and Walker 337-41). These factors are in turn making way for a certain amount of uniformity among the users, as social networking has become a vehicle for dissemination of behavioral modes and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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