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How can Facebook influence people psychologically - Research Paper Example

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Social media describes the emergent Internet use that involved more collaborative and participatory web surfing and creating and modifying content. Social networking has…
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How can Facebook influence people psychologically
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Download file to see previous pages Among the activities in social networks include exchange of news items, events, messages, videos and photos. But on the other side, I noted that researchers like Bowman, Westerman and Claus (2301) observed that social media would not have any impact on computer skills of the user, hence important for me to find out how else this affects humans. Facebook being the most common of these social networking platforms would be analyzed on how it affects its users psychologically.
Megen (57) appreciates Facebook as the most popular social media platform. Since its launch in 2004, it has hit a membership of 800 million users, with half this number visiting the site daily. This platform allows users to post status updates, videos and photos and links which would be viewed by their friends or anyone else on the Internet. Products, brands and organizations have pages where liking them, just as would apply on photos, status and videos posted on a user’s wall, expresses agreement with the content. Facebook requires that users identify themselves with their real names thus allowing friends to search friends on the platform using their names, email addresses, workplace or school attended among other aspects. This platform could be accessed from both a computer and a mobile interface with Internet access. Studies by Pempek, Yermolayeva and Calvert (228) enlightened me on the time spent on Facebook with the researchers observing that on average, US college students spent between 10 and 30 minutes daily on Facebook.
The current environment dictates that I have to join Facebook so that I interact effectively and regularly with my peers. More so, I have seen many organizations opening their Facebook pages implying that employees operating such accounts have to be equipped with the skills of using the media. On my side, it would mean that for me to benefit from the opportunities that such organizations offer through their fan pages on Facebook, then, I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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