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If you look around a restaurant or any gathering, you will find people who have their heads down taping their mobiles phones to update their Facebook statuses or Tweet all while having a meal with others at the table. How does social media influence people’s interpersonal…
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Social Media Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Some scholars in sociology have criticized the negative influences of new technology on humanity and relationships to be precise, arguing that the value of relationships is fading and the strength of peoples’ connections is deteriorating (Christofides et al., 2012). This paper will present an annotated bibliography of four scholarly sources that discuss this matter of how the social media has affected interpersonal relationships.
Porter, K., Mitchell, J., Grace, M., Shinosky, S., & Gordon, V. (2012). A Study of the Effects of Social Media Use and Addiction on Relationship Satisfaction. Retrieved from
According to this source, Facebook has deeply affected people’s application of the phrase “friend”, even though their notions of the word might not have altered as much (Porter et al., 2012). When an individual “friends you” on any social network platform, it does not automatically denote that you now have the nearness and intimacy, which you have with your offline friends. The authors also show that people do not frequently send friend requests to or allow them from persons that they have not met, opting rather to have met the individual at least once in their lifetime. Other users, even if, particularly adolescents, take part in what is referred to as “friend-gathering behavior,” which involves users friending individual they personally do not know or those that they would not speak to in person so as to boost the size of their online followers (Porter et al., 2012). According to the source, this is an impression management approach because the users assume that a huge number of Facebook friends will make them seem much more popular to others. These researchers also studied how the formation of these networks influences our interpersonal relationships and might even reorganize how people think concerning their relationships. Even if a person might have hundreds of Facebook ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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