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Project Web - Essay Example

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It is definitely obvious that one of the most significant changes has happened in the sphere of human communication, especially with appearance of…
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Project Web
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Extract of sample "Project Web"

Download file to see previous pages Social networking indeed has changed our lives and we cannot deny this fact. People of all ages worldwide use Facebook to share with their friends of what’s going on in their lives; business people consider it as an official tool for business communication; politics use it as a public relations resource; and students forget doing their homework but they never forget to refresh their Facebook pages. Social networking has definitely changed people’s understanding of communicational standards. Event though communication has become much easier with appearance of social networks, still they also have caused a lot of social and personal problems for people.
The very first thing that has a big influence on people’s lives with appearance of social networking is availability of other people for purposes of communication and quick access to their lives’ current events. From one side the opportunity to get to know either your acquaintances or unknown people better satisfies human curiosity about other people’s being. Still in some way social networks have encouraged people to strive to make their private lives as more public as it is possible. However, it seems like the tendency to disclose personal life is supposed to help people with low self-esteem to become more comfortable with socialization. Still psychological researches on people with low self-esteem showed that usage of Facebook makes them feel even more uncomfortable and miserable for many reasons such as seeing somebody else’s success or receiving unpleasant feedbacks from other users of social network services (Forest & Wood 595). First of all, the consequence of revelation of private life makes people unconsciously compete with each other on a matter whose life is better, so they often tend to show not exactly what is really going on in their lives but what they want others to know about their lives. This frequently multiplies fake personalities and dishonesty in human communication. Another ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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