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The Role of Social Networking Sites - Research Paper Example

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The following paper under the title 'The Role of Social Networking Sites' presents network sites that are socially structured are growing in popularity at a faster rate within the public domain and in interpersonal communication in learning institutions…
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The Role of Social Networking Sites
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Download file to see previous pages Information and technology bequeath the present society with numerous interactive segments with the help of the internet and gadgets of communication. Numerous interactive segments are provided by the social network sites depending on the motives of their founders. There are for example business, academics, sports, political, social, religious, and romantic platforms. It can be said that these sites are in a position to entertain, inform, educate, and to create very strong feelings on their followers.
Ever since they started, social sites such as Twitter, Skype, MySpace, and Facebooks, among others have reportedly become ‘attention-grabbers’ for the majority of those who use them as they have taken them as part and parcel of their day to day routine (Pedrycz, W., & Chen, S.-M. 2014). Presently there are numerous sites with varying features geared to suit their followers’ interests and can be accessed through gadgets that have internet access.
Basically social network sites are online services or platforms that aim at reflecting and building people’s relationships socially those for instance that have or share common activities and interests. The fame of social network sites increases as each second unfolds. They have become an important tool of communication to their users and because of this trend learning institutions are now increasingly using them to interact with learners as well as a member of the teaching staff. Because of their continued use of social network sites drastic steps are being outlined by institutions to enlighten their students on social network sites usage and most so psychological dangers, legal issues, socio-economic and privacy issues. It also encourages students to live together and in harmony, bringing workload and additional responsibility, and collaborating and sharing which may appear to be forced and inflexible to some students (Naidu, 2005).
In his studies, Gross argued that students don’t only utilize social network sites for leisure only but also for deliberations on important issues, for finding jobs, for online learning,  sharing crucial information, for finding friends among others.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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