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The Influence of Facebook on the International Business - Term Paper Example

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The paper highlights the influence of Facebook on the international business and it develops a conceptual framework for analyzing its influence and impact on the international business. Facebook has developed due to globalization and has resulted in the fast advancement in information technology. …
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The Influence of Facebook on the International Business
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Download file to see previous pages Facebook provides and creates an effective platform for developing and improving the partnership between the development of the business and the non-profit organization for conducting good social programs. Facebook alone serves and includes 1.11 billion users across the world. Facebook can be considered potentially for providing business to the millions of users in the new and emerging market. The development of Facebook across the world has increased the complexity of the world. The complex comprises of the opportunities and the obstacles for carrying out the international business that is challenged continuously. Facebook has failed to enter and penetrate in the Chinese market because of the rumor which in indicates that it may enter into a partnership with Baidu which will penetrate the Chinese market and will overcome the barriers that have settled or established the internet brands of US in China. But it is likely that Facebook may face censorship which is practiced by all Chinese websites.
The changes and modification in the technology have developed the mechanism towards the growth and development of the international business. The reduction of the barrier in the movement of the trade and the capital has resulted in the flow of the import, export and foreign direct investment. The multinational organization has developed as the prime agent of the coordination of the international economies. The international business promotes and improves the ability for generating innovations and delivering the goods and services in the market. The growing and development of the newly industrialized countries such as China have to lead to the development of the activities related to international business. At the firm level, the productivity, cost and the market share are all considered as the prime indicator for increasing the competitiveness in the international business.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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