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Introduction to Research: SLP5: Data Analysis - Essay Example

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According to Thompson, (2012), a sampling planis a step by step procedure that explains what actions will be taken regarding a particular research, using a particular medium, in which way and who will carry out the research. The sampling plan is designed in a manner such that…
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Introduction to Research: SLP5: Data Analysis
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Extract of sample "Introduction to Research: SLP5: Data Analysis"

Data Analysis Sampling plan According to Thompson, , a sampling planis a step by step procedure that explains what actions will be taken regarding a particular research, using a particular medium, in which way and who will carry out the research. The sampling plan is designed in a manner such that all the necessary data for conducting the research is captured and the desired objective is attained. The following are the different elements of the sampling plan for this particular research.
a) Targetpopulation
This refers to individuals or groups of people whom the research as at obtaining data from in relation to the research topic (Levy et al, 2008).).The target population in this case was derived from institutions that work with law breakers. These include juvenile lawbreakers, repeat offenders, those locked up, adult offenders, recovering andcurrent addicts. They been selected based on their influence to juvenile addiction and its link to lifelong criminal behavior.
b) Sampling frame
This refers to a group of sampling units in which the recommended sample is selected. Sampling frames in this case would include the various institutions from which the data would be collected. It is among the sample frames that particular samples would be collected for purposes of the research findings.
c) Sample
This refers to the number of distinct cases that are drawn from a bigger population (Thompson, 2012). For instance, a sample can be obtained from any one of the target population such as juvenile centers or correctional facilities. These samples will therefore be the basis of study or investigation during the research period and upon conclusion will derive the needed information relating to the research objective, i.e., the link between juvenile addiction and lifelong criminal behavior. A sample is always a fraction of the total population and do represent the happenings in the larger populace.
2. Recruitment strategy
The purpose of the research is to determine whether juvenile addiction leads to life long criminal behavior (Govaert and Wiley, 2009). The participants for this research will therefore be recruited from institutions that deal with character correction. These may include juvenile detention centers, rehabilitation centers and adult detention centers. Such centers will provide the needed insight on the research topic due to their relation to the research topic.
Participants from juvenile detention facilities for example, will be observed to see if their addiction in drugs and substance abuse will result to long term criminal behavior. The participants will therefore be closely monitored for a period of time to see whether there will be a positive or negative change in their behavior as they grow up.
Participants from adult detention centers on the other hand, will be interviewed so as to gain insight as to whether their current situation is linked to their childhood addiction in drugs and other substance abuse. Those in rehabilitation centers likewise will be interviewed and their personal opinions on whether their addiction problem started at a young age and if made them participate in criminal activities in adult hood. Through this progressive research, the various age sets within the sample will provide a sequence that clearly provides insight son to how juvenile addiction carries on into adulthood or not.
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Bottom of Form
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