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Descriptive statistics were calculated on the number of new cases in England as recorded by the United Kingdom (UK) office of Statistics. Calculations of mean, dispersion and skewness were executed using the SPSS server. The number of cases is divided among 19 different age groups…
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Data Analysis Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Central tendency of the number of new cases every year is measured using the mean value. The mean of new cases among all 19 age groups are 6288 new case per year. The range of new cases is 19,477 with minimum number of case equal to 60 and maximum value equal to 19,537 for the ages between 70 and 74.
Dispersion is measured by value of standard deviation of the data. Standard deviation is 6621 new case per year. Skewness measures the degree and direction of asymmetry of the data. The value of skewness is .628 indicating the data is positively skewed.
The following histogram shows the number of new cases for male and females for the different age groups. It is evident from the graph that 18 age groups for male or female has less than 2500 new cases of cancer every year.
The mean and standard deviation are considered the best measure of central tendency and dispersion of the data. Most of the data is included in the range around the mean by the value of the standard deviation.
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