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I write this letter on in reference to your letter dated, 20TH September 2012 and categorically takes pleasure with the decision by your organization to grant my firm the tender to consult for your organization on the impending construction that you wish to under take.
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Download file to see previous pages This is because this will be the ideal thing to do so that the project is completed in good time to deter the anxiety of your clients.
In the letter, he directs that i advice you on the implications of the letter. On this regard, I advice, that you initiate the project as directed. This is in view of the fact that it is your duty to do that, failure to which the client may initiate a legal complaint against your firm. It is more so important because of the history of the client in being quick to seek legal redress on slight delays.
As it is in the public domain, the client sued Yanda property developers in the year 2007 for failure to initiate a project (Delay of one month). On this note, it is my humble opinion that you carry out your contractual obligations as soon as possible. (Aqua Group, 2007)
I write on behalf of my client, Oligarch Investments, in reference to a letter dated 28 September 2012 14:23. Our client has, in receiving the letter, undertaken to fully carry out their obligation in time.
My legal opinion is that this will be detrimental to your firm if the funding problem is not sorted out in time. This is because it is your legal obligation to carry out the project as stipulated in the contract.
I write in reference to your letter dated, 8 October 2012 08.30, acknowledging receipt of the letter from the architecture and communication from your backers. The implication of this could be delay of the impending project. Subsequently a legal tussle may ensue. However, our firm would like to advice that we write to the relevant firms and authorities to seek extension of time to avoid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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