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Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic class) - Thesis Example

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These standards are co-founded in specific virtues which are perceived to benefit the society and universally accepted. Ethics plays a key role in the management of ideas which…
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Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic class)
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Extract of sample "Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic class)"

 Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic Ethics basically comprises what is perceived to be right or wrong in which humans are expected to do. These standards are co-founded in specific virtues which are perceived to benefit the society and universally accepted. Ethics plays a key role in the management of ideas which influence decisions in which individuals, organizations and entities make today (Nash 2010). Ethics is a key subject in regard to feelings, social norms, norms and behavior in the implementation of decisions. Basing on the facts in the case of Love canal the significance of ethics is apparent and if it could have been put into serious consideration it could have prevented the human and environmental disaster. Had hooker chemicals ltd taken into consideration ethics in their decision to sell the site in which toxic waste had been buried. Asserting from Ethics without Sermon it could have been possible to prevent the hazardous implications if this company and the Niagara Fall school. In the examination of ethics of business decision the following questions are crucial before any action of implementation is taken. The question which needs to be addressed before making any business decision among others may include.
How does this intention compare with the likely results?
This question is important because it conceptualizes the expected results and implications of a decision made. Consequences and probable results are outlined, these outlined questions are used to weigh if the decision made have good or hazardous implications. Hooker chemicals intention to sell the site buried with intoxicated waste should have been first examined by this question and the concept of ethics put into consideration (Nash 2010). The company had the knowledge in regard to implication in case of human habitation and settlement and they went ahead with their intention despite the knowledge. Also the board members of Niagara Falls school were also aware with the presence of toxic and went ahead with their intention to buy the site. The decisions made by the two entities did not cross check with the likely results and the implication was that a human and environmental disaster occurred.
Whom could your decision or action injure?
This question concerning ethics examination demarcates between intentional or non-intentional cause of injury to various stakeholders. In the case of love canal taking into consideration the knowledge limits of the two parties in regard to the presence of buried toxic waste in the site the injury caused to the stakeholders can be asserted to be intentional (Ferrell 2012). Hooker chemicals were unethical in burying toxic waste perfectly knowing the disposal effect to the community at large and that they did consider the expectation of injury. There existed moral justification in cancelling their intentions of deciding to implement their decisions. The potential benefits and the underlying injury is contrasted and cross checked. Ethical policy making has to be considered for the purpose of preventing injury for the benefit of all notably the society.
Can you engage the affected parties in a discussion of the problem before making your decision?
This question is important in the examination and coming up with a suitable decision because of the involvement of many parties. In this case of love canal, the probable results are apparent due to the knowledge that toxic waste buried in the site was present. All the parties could have been involved including environmental policymakers, civic groups and parents (Ferrell 2012). Engaging in participation in regard to decision making is important because the problem is examined from various perspectives and there is a likelihood of reaching unbiased decision (Nash 2010). This question ensures that all the concerns and interests of the various parties and stakeholders are well taken care of. Hooker chemicals and the board members of Niagara Falls school had they engaged talks with the various parties interested could have easily avoided the hazardous consequences. The implications of their decisions can be greatly attributed to their failure to incorporate the concept of ethics.
Work Cited
Nash, Laura L. Ethics Without the Sermon. Harvard: Harvard Business Press, 2010.
O. C. Ferrell, John Fraedrich, Ferrell. Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases. New York: Cengage Learning, 2012. Read More
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(Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic Class) Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic Class) Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Personal Reflection Paper (Ethic Class) Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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