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The Veteran - Essay Example

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The difference between a novice and a veteran writer is based on the thought process of both parties and the inability to access each other’s thoughts. This is in regard to overtly viewing the thought process in action, which is practically impossible.
For the novice writer,…
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The Veteran
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Extract of sample "The Veteran"

The difference between a novice and a veteran is based on the thought process of both parties and the inability to access each other’s thoughts. This is in regard to overtly viewing the thought process in action, which is practically impossible.
For the novice writer, his or her challenges begin at the simplicity of writing with the idea that the writing pad that one uses is dumb and cannot give any form of feedback. For a novice, the main concept is to generate ideas, which are easily forgotten making the next reader of his or her works confused at discerning the intended meaning. The novice writer also thinks for him or herself thus, the tendency to create works that are primarily meant and suitable for the novice writer. With this information in mind, the novice writer is more of a narcissist or egocentric being, of which the writer remains unaware.
The works remain difficult for the reader, as the information presented is well known to the writer; thus, there is no need to explain the ideas and terms used. This way, the novice creates compositions that leave out crucial information that includes footnotes and punctuations. The sentence structure does not vary much given that the goal is to generate and put ideas to paper for nearly personal consumption. It is from the above that the novice is termed as an unconscious writer creating compositions almost aimlessly and for egocentric satisfaction.
In addition, ignorance plays a crucial role in defining a novice writer. This is in regard to structuring in compositions, such as paragraphs, which only feature non-strategically. Failure to proofread one’s works is also common, which puts the writer in a position where one is not even writing but holding a conversation with oneself, only with no form of feedback.
On the other hand, a veteran writer bears the ability to reflect to conceive a situation in writing. In this regard, the writer’s compositions are meant for communication and have a deeper meaning. The inner meaning is meant to draw out the reaction of the reader, which brings out the difference between novice and veteran writers. This is due to their intentions and goal in writing, as well as the skill. The main goals for veteran writers are to communicate with readers and win them over by creating convincing ideas enough to capture attention, strong, concrete arguments and confident language. The above is as opposed to the writing behavior exhibited by novices. A veteran writer meets the desires of readers by giving making the time spent reading their work worthwhile.
For a novice to transition into veteran writing, it is crucial to put some aspects into mind. One of the best aspects would be the implementation of clarity in compositions to rid them of the writer’s perspective. This is in an attempt to eliminate egocentricism and focus more on the reader and his or her reaction. This works hand in hand with communicating ideas to the reader while persuading them of the suitability of the composition. In addition, the novice can desist from using the writing pad as a mute paper eliciting no feedback. Therefore, it is crucial to actively imagine the emotional response of a reader.
In conclusion, the differences between novice and veteran writers remain wide due to styles and styles of conception. However, there are means of bridging from being a novice and turning into a veteran by creating clarity and anticipating feedback. Read More
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The Veteran Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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