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David Sedaris and Projecting Sexual Orientations Through Speech - Research Paper Example

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Center of discussion in this paper is David Sedaris as one of the most prolific writers in the postmodern literature. He is a multi-awarded humorist and a comedian. His works are generally comedic and funny, and they are usually first person accounts talking about his experiences in his own family. …
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David Sedaris and Projecting Sexual Orientations Through Speech
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Download file to see previous pages The opening of the report consists of the information about David Sedaris as a writer. Writers generally write about their experiences. As an essayist and a humorist, David Sedaris chronicles his experiences and more, in order for the people to get entertained. His works can be satirical and deadpan, or maybe even exaggerated. Whatever the style is, David Sedaris is a chronicler of life. And his life, whether you want to admit it or not, is really interesting, and that makes it very readable. But then again, David Sedaris is not a very special man. In fact, he is too much like the rest of the world, which is why many people read him. But the fact remains that he is sure interesting enough in order for the person to have such interesting experiences – experiences that lead the readers to enjoy a funny, vicarious experience. Why is this so? Why is David Sedaris genuinely interesting to the rest of the world? David Sedaris is an American writer, first and foremost. Most of his works focus on his experiences on being American: being American in America (as he recalled in “End of the Affair” in the book Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, for example), being American in Paris or being American in Japan, or wherever it was he went (such as the essays in When You Are Engulfed In Flames). He offers a different take on being American, and this is largely due to his colorful personality and his ability to appreciate reality. His works are funny largely because of the people around him which can be quite rambunctious and funny, all because they differ than most people. But generally, the observations made by Sedaris as an American are quite useful for the traveler, as they can actually use the information as tools for insight, as the self-deprecating humor can actually highlight the flaws on has for being who he is, which in this case, is being American. It offers non-biased, non-judgmental reflection on how it is to be an American, especially abroad. Add to the fact that he is a smoker, and how it means to be a smoker. Experiences which relate to being a smoker can be largely found in the book, When You Are Engulfed With Flames, especially being a smoker in foreign countries like France and Japan. But then his earlier work always through references to smoking, especially with his family: his mother and sisters are all smokers. This time, smoking is not preached as good or bad, it just is smoking. His being a smoker adds dimension to his persona, to his experiences. He is also not rich. He came from a working class family. His essays revolve on his experiences as a struggling writer. He was a cleaning guy in New York for some time. He was also an apple-picker once, just to take a stab at romanticism. Although they were not struggling as a family, his experiences as a young man (or boy) trying to make ends meet are hilarious. There is this essay where he talks about how obsessed he was at being rich. He was constant dreamer. That’s for sure, and his constant to be part of something grad, something that most people are not privy to, makes him a very good vessel for many who would also like to try his antics, but couldn’t. But he also suffered some tics. Maybe they were developmental tics at the time, who knows. In Naked, there is an essay called a “Plague of Tics”, casually making his experience with tics accessible to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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