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Lesson Planning: Strategies and Resources Part 2 - Essay Example

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This is as a result of its increasing use and its preference by patients in the administration of their medication. The Lessons will be…
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Lesson Planning: Strategies and Resources Part 2
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Download file to see previous pages The various methods that can be used in the administration of oral medication to patients, and the various methods that can be used in the regulation of the dosage that is to be administered to patients in the course of oral medication. This will be measured by a series of assessments that will be carried out at intervals during the duration of the course.
The other objective of this lesson will be to help the nursing students foster a generally positive attitude towards oral medication. This will prove to be useful in the creation of a future generation of nurses who truly appreciate the values and benefits of oral medication.
Different people often have different types of learning styles, and it will be essential to put this into consideration when planning the lesson. This is because the different types of learners respond differently to different learning styles and if this is not put into consideration, learners of a certain type might have difficulties with understanding the subject matter of the lesson and grasping its content. Some of the different types of learners I expect to encounter include:
This type of learners exhibits a tendency of being fast talkers. They also show signs of being impatient and always seem to want to interrupt. When talking, they try and use phrases and words that end up evoking visual images in the minds of the listeners and they primarily learn by visualization and seeing (Vella, 2008).
Persons in this category of learners tend to be extremely good natural listeners and often speak slowly. They also find it easier when things are being verbally explained to them rather than their being given information to read. They have a tendency of thinking in a linear manner and generally tend to learn things by verbalizing and listening (Vella, 2008).
This type of learner normally prefers for information that is being given to them to be in the form of writing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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