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Lesson Planning: Strategies and Resources - Essay Example

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The lesson is designed for parents with obese children and teens that are obese. The main purpose of the lesson is to expose the participants in both practical and theoretical ways of…
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Lesson Planning: Strategies and Resources
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Download file to see previous pages Several objectives are aimed at during the lesson administration.
This objective is aimed at introducing the students to the topic so that they can have proper information on the causes of obesity, nutrition, and the impacts of obesity to lives of the affected individuals and the society in general.
This objective assists the student to use the internet to get more information on obesity which includes prevention, online lectures on obesity reduction, health challenges and online free online courses on physical activities.
Library provides individuals to acquire information which has been documented In books, magazine and journals. The information is genuine and based personal interviews or experiences. The library acts as a reliable source of information since it is cheap to acquire.
Discussions assist the students to internalize the theory part of their lesson and assist them to learn more from their colleagues. The question-answer session offers the teacher an easy way of evaluating the students.
This objective aims at exposing the students to physical activities which are very important in an obese person. The flexibility and ability of the student to undertake the actual physical activity enabling the teacher assess their capacity.
Different people operate differently just like students in a classroom. Students have different ways of doing things, they answer questions differently. Some students are slow learners, others are fast learners while others are not sure of what they are in class for which is influenced by several factors either internal or external (Shindler, 2010). Understanding the every student requires that the teacher identify the needs of each for example adolescent students needs to be handled with care because they overreact so easily and expect all that they say to be true (Marzano & Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2005). A teacher has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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