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This topic is for working mothers who seem to have limited time to spend with their children due to work and who often have to fore go one activity for the other. The information provided is hoped to capture their attention and enable them make the right decision for the sake of…
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Writing Response 4: Brainstorming for Community Writing
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Download file to see previous pages Constant breaks from work to spend a few play minutes with the child is now possible without much hustle and the child can even join you on the cubicle hence ensuring the emotional and cultural bond remains tight and for those who are spiritual, they can spend a few spiritual moments in the cubicle for that purpose too with their child.
An artifact usually has symbolic meaning (spiritual, emotional and even cultural) to the community near it. Getting to analyze the personal symbolic meaning of the artifact will help an individual appreciate its value even more. The artifact in discussion and whose symbolic meaning to all Americans is of significance is the statue of liberty and therefore this topic is for importance to all Americans. The most interested however are the non-historians who do not know the historical meaning of it but whose ethos, pathos and logos personal meaning is important to them.
The artifact is a symbol of America’s victory and liberation from any type of colonization. This therefore translates to mean that not only should the citizens feel free in this country, but they should also not fear anyone since they have an artifact symbolizing their liberty. Having a miniature statue in everyone’s house should act as the constant reminder.
Stress has become an everyday menace to most people all over the world and especially those in cities due to traffic, congestion, air pollution among others. The purpose of writing this topic is to offer a very simple way to reduce stress and which does not require usage of a lot of money or even leaving your work as most stress management techniques require. The topic is of importance to everyone since no one is anti-stress.
The best stress manager is drinking lots of water. This seems obvious but how many people stick to having an average of eight glasses of water daily that is not in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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