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Writing Response 6: CW 3 Brainstorming draft - Essay Example

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This community is mostly made up of new graduates who have just joined college and who want to learn about public speaking. Most of the students have come from small towns and cities and do not…
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Writing Response 6: CW 3 Brainstorming draft
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Extract of sample "Writing Response 6: CW 3 Brainstorming draft"

Writing Response 6: CW 3 Brainstorming draft October 08, A. Introduction to the freshmen’s Public Speaking Communities The community group considered is the ‘freshmen’s Public Speaking Community’. This community is mostly made up of new graduates who have just joined college and who want to learn about public speaking. Most of the students have come from small towns and cities and do not have a wide exposure to public speaking, interacting with others and many are shy and have stage fright. The community will help freshmen to get over their feelings of insecurity and learn how to put forth their ideas with confidence. Members of the community help each other, cooperate, guide and mentor each other to achieve their learning goals (Smith, p. 32). Please refer to the following figure that illustrates a learning community.
Figure 1. Learning Community
B. Arguments for the Community
Public speaking is one of the important skills that students must learn. These skills will help in the overall career path even after the students graduate. This community will have students who have a common problem of stage fright and who are not able to speak effectively. Most of them have sufficient written skills and they are able to write down the speech but they are not able to deliver it effectively. This community group is headed by experienced staff of the college and senior students, who mentor the students, give them practical tips on how to overcome stage fright and how to get over their fear of speaking in the public.
c. Address for the Community
Dear Students,
I welcome you all on behalf of the ‘Freshmen’s Public Speaking Community’. . The community is meant to help us all overcome the fears of giving formal speeches in the public, of standing on the stage and giving lectures and of helping us all build confidence among ourselves. This community does not place any restrictions, requires any qualification, or demands anything from you people. The only thing the community wants is your attention and dedication. One of the most important skills we require when we graduate is to communicate effectively. Effective communication is not restricted to only writing or speaking with your colleagues but it also means to stand in front of a large crowd and deliver a speech, to be able to say the needful and convince the audience. The need for such skills become apparent when we graduate and take up work in offices, large organizations, management and consultancies and even when we become teachers.
This community is a self-learning group where we learn through cooperative basis and each person becomes a teacher and a learner. We have senior students and teachers to guide and help us in our efforts to be better learners. While these seniors are ready to help, the responsibility of learning fully is own. We have to observe, think and learn. There are many things in public speaking that helps to gain attention of the audience. These can be visual indicators, facial expressions, gestures, tonal inflections, and our body language. These things matter most and help to increase the effectiveness of our speech. We can be a public speaker and keep on speaking while the audience sleeps. Else, we can also keep them entertained, make the speech interactive, engage them and make sure that they connect to us. These factors are important and we shall learn how to be effective public speakers.
Smith, B. L. "Creating Learning Communities". Liberal Education, 79(4), 1993. pp. 32-39 Read More
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