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A rough draft is the first piece of writing that the writer compose without worrying so much about grimmer, spelling mistakes and anything that may destruct the writer from writing. The main aim of coming up with a rough draft is to provide the writer with an opportunity of…
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Definition Rough Draft & Final Draft
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Number: Topic: DEFINITION ROUGH DRAFT & FINAL DRAFT A rough draft is the first piece of writing thatthe writer compose without worrying so much about grimmer, spelling mistakes and anything that may destruct the writer from writing. The main aim of coming up with a rough draft is to provide the writer with an opportunity of formulating a final draft without so much difficulties. On the other hand, final draft is a rough draft that has be written again while ensuring that there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical typos. The follow steps may be helpful when writing a draft namely; brainstorming, writing, starting anywhere to writing, keeps moving, leaving blank spaces in case one gets short of ideas, giving it a breath and reviewing the draft (Frew, Robert and Nancy,pp.103-104).
Brainstorming is the first step that each draft must pass, under this step, the writer put all the ideas into writing without evaluating or eliminating any idea. This allow the writer to have a general view of what is expected and then narrowing down the most appropriate and applicable idea. Writing a draft is the second stage where the writer does not put more emphasize on spelling, one just write down the idea to form a rough draft. Thirdly, the writer may start at anywhere while writing a rough draft. This means that one may start from the body and write an introduction and conclusion later. The writer should keep moving /writing to ensure that all ideas in the minds are put down into writing. In addition one has the freedom to leave blank space when writing a rough draft. After forming the rough draft the writer should give it time and come back later to make necessary amendments. This may allow the writer to make grammatical corrections. This may help the writer to come up with the final draft (Frew, Robert and Nancy, pp.103-104).
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Frew, Robert, and Nancy A. Sessano. Writers Workshop: A Program for Composition Mastery. Palo Alto, Calif: T.H. Peek, 2006. Print. Read More
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