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Workshop Participation and Management - Assignment Example

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The author explains what workshops are and how they help us develop as writers. The author also describes the forms workshops can take and which seem to be most effective. Then, the author explains how writing workshops help develop both creative thinking and critical thinking. …
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Workshop Participation and Management
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Extract of sample "Workshop Participation and Management"

Download file to see previous pages Workshops facilitate formal education among small groups of people through the provision of participation opportunities and by allowing them to contribute to the process. Workshops help us develop our skills and competences as writers when it allows us to participate fully in the discussions. For instance, where a workshop set to explore a particular project, input from participants will be required to move the project forward. In most cases, project proposals help identify and mobilize more appropriate internal and external resources (Rempel, & Davidson 2008). This process teaches us how to organize a project proposal based on the objective of the workshop. The participants may also be required to put their proposals in writing. Eventually, the participants may share written proposals to colleagues to share ideas and request for constructive feedback. Workshops give the participants the opportunity to do presentations and compare colleagues’ work which improves the learning experience (Rempel, & Davidson 2008). Therefore, the idea participants develop and put in writing is the starting point for strengthening their writing skills. In addition, the presentations in workshops give participants an opportunity to put into practice communication skills including speaking with clarity, synthesizing information and selling ideas (Peace Corps, 2003). Such an experience is important to participants who are interested in becoming writers because they will able to organize their work to meet the needs of their audience.

Workshops can be conducted in two different forms; Multi-System Workshop and Team Exercise workshop. Multi-System Workshop is primarily sponsored by an organization that offers assistance to utilities. In this case, the sponsor invites workshop participants from various disciplines to take part in a group learning experience. Normally, the target audience is members of staff who have been given management responsibilities at their respective utility.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Workshop Participation and Management Assignment - 1.
(Workshop Participation and Management Assignment - 1)
Workshop Participation and Management Assignment - 1.
“Workshop Participation and Management Assignment - 1”.
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