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The Positive Results and the Expansion of the Company - Essay Example

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The paper describes the management style of the organization. This style should be defined to the management board. The manager should decide the management style to employ. Whichever he/she chooses to be it authoritarian or democratic, a direct link to the performance of the company exists…
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The Positive Results and the Expansion of the Company
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Extract of sample "The Positive Results and the Expansion of the Company"

In every successful organization, a management style is always significant. This style should be defined to the management board. The manager should decide the management style to employ. Whichever he/she chooses be it authoritarian or democratic, a direct link to the performance of the company exists. Command and control style has been credited as the best for success in the organization. However, this method has several shortcomings that affect the workers. Jaffe, D & Holtsnider B (2010, pg4) say that it is originating from a military point of view. They further explain that this method is about powers to rule and the subjects not given the opportunity to contribute. They have to listen and obey orders. In the military, the method works to a grander scheme, since there are advantages linked to it with respect to the performance of the soldiers. In the world of today, this method is not applicable. It cannot help to solve problems. What it does is building fear and repression among the employees that leads to malicious obedience.
Looking at other management styles such as the strategy and democratic, there is a clear indication that the command and control belittle human beings. Kazmi (2008, pg401) asserts that strategists and democrats in management are more open-minded in that they allow participation of the employees in the development of the organization. He also adds that, in the quest of having the best rules, there must be regular refining of the existing ones. Everyone should be involved in decision making geared to bring change is significant. In the video presentation by Job Stains (public conversation website, n.d.), attention is herein brought on the validity of a participative managing style rather than the command and control. He demonstrates that, the mind of a human being works better when relaxed. Once threatened, hormones that would compel the person to revenge are produced. They person may just freeze just like in the military when soldiers are told to do so by their commander. The idea is trying to have a constructive conversation to work out properly. Just from the lecture, a good manager, should have qualities that allow him to have the audacity to inquire. He should ask what went wrong and what should be done to attain stability. A dialogue formula is the best. Being innovative and proactive will help find solutions amicably. This means everybody will be satisfied, and respect will be upheld. There will be no hatred within the juniors and the superiors. The narrative therapists (Morgan, 2000) have it in mind that, for an appropriate management style, conversations are the key to achievement. Telling a positive story will for sure create an image that will be upheld by others regarding personality. In the process, one has an obligation to live by that since that is what he/she is well known to be. This creates a commitment by the managers to produce satisfactory results.
Concisely, the command and control method is an outdated one. It should either be abolished or left to the military where it is applicable. People should be governed and respected. The carrot and stick method should not exist in companies. People need to be treated like people and not like things. They have to be appreciated for the work they do and as people of value to the company. This will undoubtedly culminate to positive results and the expansion of the company.
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Essay Plan Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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