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Dream your trying to fulfill - Essay Example

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I recognize that during the early years of my life I lived for the moment and did not think in terms of my future. As I became a few years older I gradually began to think about potential dream…
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Dream your trying to fulfill
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Extract of sample "Dream your trying to fulfill"

Dream You are Trying to Fulfill Throughout my life I have experienced a variety of phases and developmental periods. I recognize that during the early years of my life I lived for the moment and did not think in terms of my future. As I became a few years older I gradually began to think about potential dream situations. I idealistically wanted to become an astronaut. After this stage I focused my energies on becoming a professional baseball player. As I entered my adolescence and high school periods my dreams become more focused and realistic. It was not long before my primary dream shifted from the earlier idealistic notions to career goals. In this way I started my dream to become a lawyer.
My dream to become a lawyer was motivated out of many influences. I remember watching television shows that dramatized court-room scenarios. Television shows that intrigued me as the lawyers were able to piece together disparate pieces of information and reach conclusions that nobody ever thought possible. As I researched the legal profession more I came to appreciate the nature of the law as rooted in rules and regulations that were many years old. In addition to this historical aspect, I appreciated the profession as the lawyer had the power to speak for disenfranchised people. At first I appreciated defense attorneys that worked to free people who had been wrongly accused. This interest changed as learned about prosecutors. Rather than defending people who had oftentimes committed crimes, the prosecutor sought justice for people who had been wronged.
It was not long before I became involved in volunteer work at the State Attorney office. One of my high school classes required I log volunteer hours, so this was my choice. On a weekly basis I would visit the office and file and organize documents they had. I was given the opportunity to attend portions of trials with the attorneys. This was a very enlightening experience and further directed my efforts. At high school I became involved in the performing arts department. I recognized that there was a significant performance aspect to practicing law, so I began acting in plays. Finally, I worked hard in school to gain admittance to college. Since being admitted to college I have worked towards my goal through my course selections. I recognize the importance of developing strong critical thinking skills, so I have taken courses that challenge my intellect. Additionally, I have worked hard to ensure that I attain high grades in these courses. My recognition in these regards is that this will ultimately help me gain admittance to law school and realize my dream.
In conclusion, this essay has considered my dream of becoming a lawyer. In these regards, the essay examines how I originally decided upon and developed this dream. The essay then considers how I have gone about working to realize this dream. Specifically my actions in high school and college have been described. Ultimately, these elements constitute a comprehensive account of my dream of becoming a lawyer. Read More
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(Dream Your Trying to Fulfill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Dream Your Trying to Fulfill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Dream Your Trying to Fulfill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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