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Hardship Letter - Essay Example

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I am writing this Hardship Letter that is required by your Department of Immigration Office, to prove to you my hardship and the serious effects it will have on my wife, my family members, and me should my wife be deported from The United States of America and return to Taiwan…
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Hardship Letter
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Download file to see previous pages Some may think we are truly naïve and impractical to believe in these vows, but those vows and our love have kept us truly together. We have cherished each moment we have been together and we would love it to remain as happy as we have been and include other family members. We wish to have children.
If we have not had children up till this moment is because of my physical condition, my desire to continue my studies, and adapting to a new lifestyle (marriage). The first years of a marriage are crucial.
Ten years from now, we will be in our late 30s. An age most people already have a stable family. We would hope that by that time we have already formed a family of our own, have had a home of our own, and have our children playing in the yard in this great country of The United States of America (USA). We would love to have that wish fulfilled, to live happily and enjoy life to its fullest in this land of opportunities.
To achieve these dreams, I am currently working very hard to pay my way through higher education in exchange for a steady future, but without my wife keeping me company, my future has no sense of direction. It is impossible to build a family and dreams when we are to be apart. We have made commitments to remain together, to strive for what we believe in and what we want, and to make accomplishments together.
Without my wife, our dreams of having our own children at a young, productive and reproductive stage of our lives would be seemingly impossible and senseless. I have been diagnosed as having a sub-fertile a condition where it is extremely difficult for my wife to conceive naturally unless we seek the help of medical professionals to perform an artificial procedure called IUI, as suggested by our physician. Consequently, the procedure would require both my wife and I to be present. If my wife is not here, the chances of her pregnancy are obscure if not to say impossible. This will mean that unless we are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hardship Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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