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Chevy vs gt500 article - Essay Example

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2013 Ford Shelby GT500’ by Scott Evans is about the comparative performance of the two cars on three different tracks. The two cars are known as American musclecars and have always been highly competitive. They were driven on…
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Chevy vs gt500 article
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Extract of sample "Chevy vs gt500 article"

Summary The article, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. Ford Shelby GT500’ by Scott Evans is about the comparative performance of the two cars on three different tracks. The two cars are known as American musclecars and have always been highly competitive. They were driven on street, the dragstrip and the racetrack. On the street, Camaro performed better and took bumps smoothly. Ford had too much vertical motion which made driving more difficult. On the dragstrip, timing and traction are critical issues. Ford was a winner here due to higher power. On the third and final racetrack, it was a close fight. Ford was faster on the straight and up the hills but Camaro was faster at corners. Although Ford had won by few seconds, Camaro proved to be a better car because of more efficient brake system. (words: 152)
The main thesis of the article is that the car which boosts the confidence of the driver is definitely better. The article shows that Camaro was a better car than Ford Mustang mainly for two reasons:
Camaro had magnetorheological shock absorbers that kept the chassis under control and smoothed the rough patches on the street. Ford could not take bumps on the road and experienced vertical motions which adversely impacted driving.
Camaro’s brake system was better and stopped instantly. It gave confidence to the drivers of Camaro. On the other hand, after first lap, brake got heated up and do not stop fast enough, which could prove fatal on racetrack. The cooling system in Ford was flawed. The brakes being very crucial aspect of driving, driving Ford made drivers nervous.
The basic assumption of the writer is that the car which makes every day driver a pleasure is more of a people car. Moreover major features like brake and good shock absorbers are hugely important elements of good car. Thus, along with speed, torque and traction, the performance of the car also evaluated their brake and efficiency of the shock absorbers to smooth rough patches.
Relevant factors in the performance evaluation of the two cars were its speed, traction, torque, brake and smoothing of bumps on the roads. While the two cars competed equally on first three factors, Camaro won hands down on superior brake system and better shock absorbers which made driving a great pleasure.
The target audiences of the article are car lovers who like high powered cars which can be safely driven on all tracks at high speed.
The tone of the article is highly technical. It uses technical vocabulary to define parts and functions that give relevance to the high performance of the car. But while the overall tone might be technical, the article is easy to understand and gives readers of all age, a better perspective of the issues that make driving better.
The ethos of the car are its defining brake system, power and efficient shock absorbers which greatly enhance the experience of driving.
Evans, Scott. 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2013 Ford Shelby GT500. Motortrend, 27 June 2012. 16 September 2012. Read More
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