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Secondary School Students in Kwazulu-Natal and Virginity Testing - Article Example

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The intention of the following research "Secondary School Students in Kwazulu-Natal and Virginity Testing" is to discuss several sociological, philosophical and finally healthcare questions regarding the virginity test among young girls. An author will also describe the methodology…
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Secondary School Students in Kwazulu-Natal and Virginity Testing
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Extract of sample "Secondary School Students in Kwazulu-Natal and Virginity Testing"

Download file to see previous pages Use of scientific methodologies supported by numeric data helps in quantifying the outcomes of a research. Hence, in experiments and other research methods, quantification of the data assists in developing relationship between dependent and independent variables. The research philosophy itself defines the assumptions or hypothesis that is being examined in order to identify if the relationship between defined variables and non-variables is plausible. As far as the quantitative research is concerned, it is a scientific approach based on an assumption that any set of data can provide a meaning only if it can be evaluated in numeric terms. There are several forms of quantitative researchers such as descriptive, experimental, causal comparison and in the given research; correlational research methodology is used (Borrego, Douglas and Amelink 54). Use of statistical tools is also visible to apply the findings of the research on overall selected population. If compared against the premise of research philosophy, it can be seen that a research is expected philosophy is expected to provide a foundation to a given study being performed. The selected research methodology also acts as a foundation in this research as desired correlation is difficult to examine through qualitative or exploratory research. Hence, it can be said that quantitative research methodology conforms to philosophical foundation of the selected research and helps in deriving concrete and quantifiable results that can be levied on a complete population.
The research problem is to identify if taking virginity tests helps the participants of the research to abstain from unsafe sexual contact. Although the research begins with the causal research methodology however the title of the research provides a rather different outlook on the study. The title of the research is perceptions and attitudes of secondary school students in Kwazulu-Natal towards virginity testing. However, the research is more oriented towards finding the impact of taking tests on students instead of examining students’ perceptions towards VT before taking it. Hence, the title is rather misleading and does not reflect the general objective of the research. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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WOW, I found quite a lot info that I needed for my assignment and a huge amount of data that was analyzed also helped me with my QA section.

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