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Jonurl - Essay Example

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No particular preference is predominant among the group members. Having this trait has proven quite worthwhile in developing the diversity of the group. However, the combination has proven to be very helpful while also being sometimes difficult…
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Extract of sample "Jonurl"

Diversity in groups The groups MBTI is type dynamics. No particular preference is predominant among the group members. Having this trait has proven quite worthwhile in developing the diversity of the group. However, the combination has proven to be very helpful while also being sometimes difficult to cope with. The group developed a questionnaire for every group member in order to analyze individual MBTI’s for group members. The combination of the perceiving action and also judging functions has brought about tremendous group diversity, giving us an array of solutions to solving problems within the group.
In my FIRO-B scale, certain results were evident while undergoing the elementary examination. My inclusion demands were rated at 6 which is a moderate result in comparison with other people. The effect of such a result is the ideal level. In other areas such as control, I came out with an 8 grade. This is usually characteristic of an independent person with high qualities to lead a group. Affection levels were rated ideal at 5. The effect these had is that I was designated to lead the group for having strong control.
My temperament characteristics was OWL that means wise, knowledgeable, composed, sees everything, sees things before others see them and scans from high perch, swoops down with precision. I am great in decision making especially in difficult situations and also have ample knowledge on general matters. I have helped the group thoroughly in making financial decisions and also certain inter group challenges.
I have a Phlegmatic introverted temperament. This makes me a good administrator of the group, I get to be very observant to the situation and reactions of other group members of the group. On the Jessica Baby story, I was keen to notice some strong reaction as well as from the group members. The story was inspiring to many people famous and infamous in society and has head relatively similar impact on a lot of lives in many people. The situation was very sympathetic and fills one with remorse and compassion. It was difficult for many to hide their compassion in the group. However, people showed theirs in different ways. Some would go to nearly crying while some would demonstrate their ambitions by playing as though they were part of the ordeal. Group members showed affection in different ways. Certain MBTI models can perfect one’s performance and people need different motivations for their problems, as the superstar who saw the circumstance as a motivation to quit drugs.
Eschers Relativity picture has been used to create different perspectives of looking at things and issues. The three dimensional perspective and the two dimensional perspective of looking at the picture perceives the different ways in which people can look at problems and therefore providing different solutions for each of these problems. There are many ways of killing a cat according to Phlegmatic personality. The process of finding a viable solution to a problem is boosted by one’s perspective of looking at the problem. This is an important aspect in coping with group problems (Kagan, 31)
The group is made of people from a diverse age bracket as well as different aging, gender, cultural all of which affect their values and attitudes. All contributes of MBTI and PTI have had an impact in fostering the diversity of the group. In discussing the two scenarios, group members had profound reactions in the way they reacted to the situation. It helped elaborate the diversity in the group in such important matters as perceiving problems and the different rationale and circumstances and how people would handle them.
Kagan, J., Galens Prophecy: Temperament In Human Nature. New York: Basic Books, 1998, p. 31. Print Read More
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Jonurl Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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