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The purpose of this exercise is to create my own personal development plan for the next five years, utilizing VARK, Myers-Briggs, and a SMART action plan. Included in this personal development plan are also my resume and career goals and objectives…
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Personal Development Plan for the Next Five Years
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Download file to see previous pages ement) For my personal analysis, I used the Myers-Brigg personal indicator and the VARK learning styles assessment. Myers-Briggs assessed me as a INTJ, Introverted, focusing on my inner world, Intuitive, one who interprets and adds meaning to data, Thinking, one who depends on logic and consistency, and Judging, one who prefers things to be settled The Myers-Brigg type indicator is based on C.G. Jung’s psychological character theory that classifies individuals by their introverted and extroverted attitudes as fundamental orientations to the subjective world around them (MacCrae & Costa, March 1989). Myers-Briggs used Jung as their starting point and created 16 types of attitudes and preferences to measure personality types. The MBTI measures our preference for 1) interacting with one another, 2) gathering information, 3) making decisions about what we experience, and 4) controlling ourselves and the world around us (Nicholson, 24 June 2011). Extroversion or Introversion(Energy Orientation)  According to Quenk,extroverts get their energy from the outer world of people and objects.(Quenk, 2009) Extroverts are social and outgoing, build attachments quickly and share ideas readily; introverts are personality opposites of extroverts. This type of personality is satisfied and feels energized when they spend a time alone or with a close friend.(Quenk,2009).According to Watkins,these type personalities think before they speak, are not always self-confident and are reserved and introspective(Watkins,1999).  According to my MBTI result I'm clearly the introverted personality type (84% introversion vs. 16% extroversion).The result of the first step was not surprising for me. I have been criticized many times about being introverted, but the significant way to analyze me is by giving an example about my friends and our meetings. As a friends group, we usually meet in numbers of three or four people and avoid activities that require interaction with other people. We prefer going to the cinema rather than talking in a pub. Even when we are giving a party we invite people that we know very well, rather than groups of strangers or classmates. According to these examples I am an introverted personality type.  Sensing and Intuition (Learning Process)  By Sensing we gather information using our five senses; Sensing is based on details of the environment surrounding us (Quenk,2009).Intuition is assimilation of ideas and theories by focusing less to the details in environment (Joyce). People who prefer sensing like problems with standard solutions, they are more realistic, practical and more interested in things happening (Bayne, 1997). Intuitive people are more futuristic, impatient to routine and they like to see the big picture (Bayne,1997).  Results of the MBTI showed that my learning style is more close to the intuitive type (intuition 74% vs. sensing 26%).  When I get bored from a book,to entertain myself I open the book at random and try to relate the events to one another then attempt to figure out the ending of the book. Sometimes I ignore details aboutan object and assign a metaphorical meaning to the story. I agree that I prefer intuition but I am questioning the high percentage that was portrayed in my evaluation. When I solve problems I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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