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HDL 660 - Essay Example

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It incorporates positive psychological capacities and developed organizational context that creates greater self-awareness and positive behaviors on leaders and…
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HDL 660
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Download file to see previous pages It can be advanced by introducing training programs to the young employees when they join an organization (Ardichvil, 623).
Leadership is the process of influencing colleagues or workers positively with the aim of achieving a common goal. Leaders should have integrity, passion, and guide their associates towards achieving their goal. Leaders should express themselves in order to create value and trust in their associates or followers. I consider myself a leader because in the past, I have organized and coordinated club activities, group discussions, and meetings in school. These activities were all successful, and the students were able to achieve the stipulated visions and goals.
Self-awareness= 17; internalized moral perspective= 16; balanced processing= 18; relational transparency= 17; authentic leadership= 68. Using the scoring interpretation in the questionnaire, a score of 68 is in the very high category, which stands for a very strong authentic leader (Northouse, 280). This course should help me make my stand on controversial issues and make it known to everyone. This will eliminate biasness when making the final decision and enable me to avoid changing my stand towards the winning side. An authentic leader should be true to oneself and express his or her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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