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Should both parents assume equal responsibility in raising children - Essay Example

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This is in partly due to the traditions, but partly due to the attitudes of many people. Now, in much of the Western world, these attitudes are changing, and more and more women…
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Should both parents assume equal responsibility in raising children
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Download file to see previous pages Although this may be different to previous years, it seems that this direction is much fairer for women and gives men more interaction with their offspring. In this paper, I will be exploring the reasons behind this move towards equal parenting and whether it is right that both parents are assuming equal responsibilities for their children and how they are raised. I argue that it is fairer for women and better for children that parenting responsibles are equal.
One of the main reasons why parents should assume equal responsibility in raising children is so that these children know their mother and father equally and have a good relationship with both parents, something which is important in lives. In previous years, it has been hard for children to get to know their father because he is always at work, earning money, whilst their relationship with their mother was usually good. Having a male and a female influence in the home is important for increasing harmony within the household and making the children feel as though they are loved by both parents and are valued.
Another one of the main reasons that both parents should assume equal responsibilities for raising the children is that it is fairer for the women. In previous years, it has been that the woman has done all the housework and raised the kids alone, whilst the man of the home went to earn money. Although both parents worked hard, a lot of women came to feel that their talents were being wasted, particularly if they had a college education and they were fairly smart. From an outside perspective it does seem unfair that the man can have a career whilst the women is doing menial tasks and continually looking after the children.
Another reason why this shared responsibility is fairer for the women is that it can be quite difficult for a women to balance all the childcare, a social life and a job, which means that she usually has to give one of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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