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Influence of family on children - Research Paper Example

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This research paper example "Influence of family on children" will focus on the family factor of influence in children development and growth. An author of the paper will discuss various theory sources along with providing a discussion the theme from different points of view…
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Influence of family on children
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Download file to see previous pages The reason behind the role of families in influencing children is explained by the attachment theory. This theory suggests that children derive most of their emotional resources from their interaction with their family members and obtain knowledge and/or awareness regarding the working models of relationships based on the type of ties they develop with their parents. It has been claimed by various researchers that one of the key reasons why families have a strong influence on the children is the fact that the children are strongly attached to their caregivers during their initial years and their relationship with their caregivers is known to affect the manner in which they react to external stimuli and interact with their peers and those around them (Spodek and Saracho, 2006).
The structure of family also is one of the several key factors that play a key role in influencing children. According to the family instability perspective - a sociological theory, it is suggested that children of divorced or separated parents have a strong negative impact on the children. The instability hypothesis suggests that the structure of a family shapes the children’s' view of the real world outside their families and help them in adjusting with their external environment. Children of separated or divorced parents are known to face difficulties in coping with cohabitation.
It has been observed that households with low socio-economic backgrounds tend to influence their children by instilling some crucial skills. which may prove to be helpful to them in adapting to different work environments. This includes gaining critical skills which may help them shape their creativity and foster a sense of initiative which is imperative for professionals and white-collar workers. Such families deliberately instill values such as obedience to authoritative figures since it is perceived as a critical skill, based on their own personal experiences (Sigelman and Rider, 2011). Research have indicated that children who grow up in divorced households are typically devoid of the conventional parenting i.e. receiving attention and care by their parent, usually fathers, who are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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