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Families With Incarcerated Parents - Research Paper Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Families with Incarcerated Parents In a family set up, the presence of all the members is an important thing because they offer psychological and emotional support to each other. However, not all the time do members of the family spend their life together because they have to spend some time away from the family either on their own will or otherwise…
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Families With Incarcerated Parents
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Download file to see previous pages In these different situations, there are different emotions that are triggered in the people that are left or the ones that are leave. In the cases of incarceration, children may experience immediate or gradual changes in their lifestyle either permanently or for a long time (Staton-Tindall et al 231). Incarcerated parents are withdrawn from their children and other relatives who may be dependent on them. Families and children in which parents are incarcerated are among the worst affected because it leads to many uncertainties because they are separated from the people who could provide food, protect and offer affection to them. Children with incarcerated parents face life risks and other forms of traumatic effects because of the separation from the love of their parents. Due to the sudden separation from their parents, children of the incarcerated parents may experience a feeling of anxiety, fear, depression, sadness or even guilt because of their absence because they are no longer getting what they need in their lives. This makes them unable to participate well in the society because they are under pressure to accept the things that have happened to them within a very short time. Some of these children change their way of life and they are unable to cope with other children in the society because they feel that they lack equal opportunity as other children in the society who have both their parents in their homes (Straussner and Fewell 261). In cases of incarceration of parents, the children behavioral systems are affected because they lack people to discipline them for involving themselves in bad acts. This means that the children of the incarcerated parents are likely to adopt delinquent behaviors in causing them to develop into criminals in the country. These happen because they children have to find ways for getting their basic needs in for their own or the ones who are dependent on them. This affects mostly the older children in the family because they assume the responsibility of caring and providing to their siblings that could not be in a position to do it for themselves (Staton-Tindall et al 236). The children in the family in which the parents are incarcerated there are issues that affect them in schools because the incarceration affects their emotional stability, which frustrates their concentration in class. This happens because the vacuum that parents leaves when their parents are incarcerated has no one to fill and they need the physical presence of a parent who could help them in their different situations. This makes children to have psychological difficulties in their attempt to cope with the different issues that happen in their lives and these may result. This happens because the children of these incarcerated parents suffer many occasions of stress and burnout because they lack confidants if they are used to their families (Slater and Finck 272). Incarceration of parents influences the outcomes of the lives of the children because they are also at a very high risk of the same in their future. This happens because in their lives, they have no people to control their behavior and the demands life gives to them may cause these children to be delinquent. The return of parents of incarceration may make the children to feel that it is not a big deal to be in prison because they will come back. Following this example, the children can involve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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