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What is the Relationship Between Incarnated Women and Neglected Children - Research Paper Example

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This paper will focus on presenting basic facts about the incarcerated parents in the United States; the effects of parent and/or mother incarceration to the children that can validate neglect; the factors that affect the extent of the effects such as frequency of contact…
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What is the Relationship Between Incarnated Women and Neglected Children
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Download file to see previous pages The Bureau of Justice Statistics has started to conduct surveys via personal reviews on the data items that include the inmates’ family background “with a nationally-represented sample of inmates” to identify existing problems and provide appropriate responses to them (Glaze & Maruschak, 2008, p. 1).
In the midyear of 2007, the result showed that more than half of the around 1.5 million national prisoners or exactly 809, 800 of them, both fathers and mothers, have children aged 18 years or less (Glaze & Maruschak, 2008, p. 1). These children reach the number of up to 1.7 million. This figure accounts 2.3 of the total number of minor children in the United States. Additionally, it was also found out that almost half or 850, 000 of these children were only aged nine years old or less during the survey whereas more than a third will have to reach the legal age of 18 while their parents are incarcerated (p. 3). Figure 1 shows the tabularized data as shown in Appendix A.
In the total number of parents, 65, 600 were mothers. Although relatively small compared to the 744, 200 fathers brought to prison, the increase in the number of the incarcerated mothers has aroused significant concern as the figures signifies that the number of mothers has more than doubled since ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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