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Women and Class - a Problematic relationship - Essay Example

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Executive Summary
This paper seeks to find out how class affects the daily activities of women. It also seeks to find out how women view class and what they define as class. In addition to that, it seeks to explain the issue at hand through empirical study of research. …
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Women and Class - a Problematic relationship
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Women and Class - a Problematic relationship

Download file to see previous pages... In addition to that, it seeks to explain the issue at hand through empirical study of research. Moreover, it also takes in to consideration data analyzed from survey conducted through qualitative analysis. It seeks to find out what are the problems associated with this kind of method of study and what kind of approach it takes. There are certain expectations that should be met if individuals are to be ranked in the same social classes. The social class and the place that people live in reflect the manner in which they relate to each other. The experience that women face is an instance of how women rank themselves in the level of social class and how they relate with their partners. Introduction There are many things that affect the way in which we view ourselves. One of the things that contribute enormously to the way we view ourselves is the surroundings that we live in. Surroundings in this case refer to who we associate with at home or at our work place. These are the people who we relate to in our day to day activities. These people make us who we are and form a crucial part of our lives. The same people are the ones who we associate with and view ourselves as belonging to the same class. If we are asked to pick the people who we think we belong to the same social class, we would definitely pick our friends, our workmates or our neighbors. In our case of study, we analyze women and how they define social class to be. In addition to that, we analyze how social class forms a crucial part of ourselves. This research focuses on the above issue to form the research question, research it and form data based on the empirical evidence collected. Once a woman has considered herself to have obtained social class, the kind of relationship that they have with their partner changes and at some point view themselves as superior. If the woman has a better profession than her husband, they tend to be bossy and order the man around to perform specific duties to her. These are some of the factors that result from class. Research question What is the relationship between gender and class especially in women? How do women view class and how do they define it? How do women experience class in the society and how they relate with their partners once they achieve “class”? These questions will enable the writer to relate with how women define class and how they experience class. Background In sociology, gender and class seem to interrelate with each other. This especially applies to women. This subject is important within sociology since it offers a political view. In addition to that, it also has weight since it has contributed to important theoretical information. In relation to women, how do they define class? What is class to them? How do they measure themselves to have obtained class and how do they relate with people around them especially their partners? Class can be defined as the social status in which a person belongs to. Class is important in the society since it seeks to identify people who believe that they belong to the same societical group. As some women would define it, it’s relating to people who you share a common interest or thing. For instance, I belong to the same class as this woman since she owns a car and our husbands are rich. Current situation of women and class There are certain expectations that should be met if individuals are to be ranked in the same social classes. The social class and the place that people live in reflect the manner in which they relate to each other. The experience that women face is an instance of how women rank themselves in the level of social class. This kind of behavior proves to be more conspicuous in women who their children are of young age. This is because they all relate work to be very tedious ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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