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Unit 4 HA415 Project: SUPPLY ISSUES IN HEALTHCARE - Essay Example

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Nurse practitioners and physician assistants play a direct role in expanding service delivery in healthcare that it would possibly be attainable with high-end professionalized physicians alone. Continued attainment of experience during practice of assistance assignments to…
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Extract of sample "Unit 4 HA415 Project: SUPPLY ISSUES IN HEALTHCARE"

Download file to see previous pages erms of accreditation and credit transfer would reveal that the assistance tug would be less helpful in a majority of assignments brought before physicians and doctors. Understandably, evaluated training to cater for a wide range of healthcare challenges must conventionally fall in the hands of experts accredited and licensed to carry out such sensitive assignments. The health profession calls for highly specialized service delivery due to the involvement of human life that requires protection at all costs. However, growing competition in the medical industry driven by increased cases of human ailments and health conditions against a backdrop of limited expertise stretches demand over supply (Kim, 2009).
Within the context of a stretched demand for healthcare and a limited pool of healthcare experts, it is beyond the control of doctors and physicians to closely monitor and control demand. In a highly informed industry where nurses and patients alike enjoy access to information that was rather a preserve of the medical experts, competition for service delivery has gone up in many respects. For instance, nurses and physician assistants can undertake on-job courses to act as a bridge to a more advanced career status. Alternatively, knowledge on modern service delivery could be easier to research on making it a knowledge-based industry. Opening up of the public and private sectors for highly specialized business models around the world in different economies and political jurisdictions opens up market forces to impact healthcare. Tremendous developments in the commercialization of the industry illustrate that doctors and physicians may fall short of professional integrity in order to operate productive business models in the health facilities. However, competition and liberalization of information accessibility drives monopolistic tendencies out of the control of the trade’s elites.
Inducing demand in healthcare services is continually impossible due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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