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This paper “Healthcare policy Unit” seeks to explore the importance of economics to health care policy. Policymaking in health care, just like in any other field, entails decisions towards achieving healthcare goals. The scope of implementation identifies the importance of economics to health care policy…
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Healthcare policy Unit
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 World Health Organization identifies the need to prioritize opportunities, or policies, and the need to solve the scarcity problem of resources through the identification of sources, and efficient application of resources as some of the reasons why economics is important to policymakers in the health care sector. This is because every situation has alternative applicable policies and resources for implementing such policies are always scarce and needed for application in other scopes. Consequently, there is a need for economic competence in order to identify policy, with the highest level of utility, for implementation. Economics’ knowledge is further important to a health care policymaker because it facilitates identification of resources and efficient application of such resources in the implementation of an identified policy (World Health Organization, 2006).
An understanding of economics is therefore important to a health care policymaker because it facilitates identification of policies with the highest utility level and ensures effective resource planning for policy implementation.
World Health Organization. (2006). Health economics. World Health Organization. Retrieved from: Read More
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(Healthcare Policy Unit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Healthcare Policy Unit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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