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The Healthcare Components - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze the health care delivery system, that is one of the vital components of NHS of the government. The healthcare components like accessibility to good medical care, quality and cost are increasingly moving beyond the grasp of the general public…
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The Healthcare Components
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Extract of sample "The Healthcare Components"

Download file to see previous pages The system as a whole, but a careful consideration of all the various pros and cons of the developing situations in the concerned areas of the public health care, has become the need of the hour. We would be looking at the strategies and policies that NHS has introduced in East Neasden to improve its overall performance in health delivery system.
According to the study, the committee that undertook the study found that the main reasons for the problems of NHS was that it was not managed professionally and was guided primarily by the ‘consensus management’ between the different interest groups like administrative, clinical, para-medical, nursing and other such groups that facilitated delivery of healthcare. Therefore, the committee recommended radical reforms in the management process which was designed to influence and improve the overall performance of NHS. The introduction o the new set of management structure, compromising of various levels of managerial staff is supposed to streamline the process of ‘command and control’ the organizational performance so as to effectively achieve organizational aims and objectives.
The other issues that were the main concern of the authorities were the increasing cost and the low quality of health delivery system. The hospitals and healthcare centers were groups into ‘units’ that was headed by a general manager. The individual units would be managed by managers and departmental heads. The unit manager would have the authority to allocate and utilize the budget as per the requirements and would also introduce short-term objectives and target based practice with a reward system. The general manager would be able to control the overall performance by effective control mechanism through line management relationship with unit managers and departmental heads. The administrative help of medical professionals would be confined to being that of ‘advisor’ to the management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Healthcare Components Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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