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Public Policy, Comparative Analysis Topic: Healthcare Three Countries United States, Canada and Kuwait - Essay Example

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The government has stepped in to enhance the welfare of its people by implementing policies to enhance security, health services, and proper education strategies for its population. These decisions are based on the needs of the society, and since it is the role of the government…
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Public Policy, Comparative Analysis Topic: Healthcare Three Countries United States, Canada and Kuwait
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Extract of sample "Public Policy, Comparative Analysis Topic: Healthcare Three Countries United States, Canada and Kuwait"

Download file to see previous pages This involves the procedures that the implementations go through and the most effective way of adopting them. The issues at hand have to be discussed first by professionals and leaders who seek for solutions to the issues, and lastly consider the best of all policies for adoption.
The process of public policy making faces several challenges especially when the leaders only consider their own personal interests. The individuals at grass roots have to be part of the decision-making since they suffer most of the problems. Their views can be communicated through visiting local government officials, writing letters or emails, and taking part in debates and other meetings. Ineffective policies may also be passed through due to lack of enough resources (Capobianco and World Bank, 2011). Finances are quite necessary to ensure that policies and the necessary education are passed to all individuals within a society. Depending on political affiliations government officials may favor some areas more than others resulting to inequalities in development.
Health policies are quite influential strategies that ensure that the population maintenance at healthy standards. They may be policies to increase accessibility of health services or to improve the quality of training offered to medical students. With professional training, standardized services offered helps save more lives. Maintaining a healthy population enhances the country’s output and therefore, improving the economy. Health is a vital tool for a country’s progress hence the need to ensure that its population receives the best health care and affordable.
In Canada, one of the prevailing arguments are on health care. The issue on the private health care compared to the public health care. With Canada being a federal state, each province is responsible for the welfare of its population. There are ten provinces, and each federal government has its role to play in offering health services. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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