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Socialized Healthcare: United States vs. Canada - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Socialized Healthcare: United States vs. Canada" touches upon healthcare systems of the USA and Canada. It is stated that the panel is discussing whether or not the United States should adopt socialized healthcare such as they have in Canada…
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Socialized Healthcare: United States vs. Canada
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Extract of sample "Socialized Healthcare: United States vs. Canada"

Download file to see previous pages We have stronger and more conservative, anti-government politics.
1. Capitalism believes in a free market for all goods and services.
a. Services include healthcare that needs to be subjected to competition in the marketplace.
b. Capitalism naturally opposes government intervention in the marketplace.
2. Our constitutional form of government believes in individual freedom and the right to make our own choices.
a. The public believes consumers should be free to choose their own health care plan, provider, and doctor.
b. Quebec and other provinces have outlawed private insurance and eliminated any choice of product.
B. Other socialized systems around the world have failed.
1. England and Canada are both struggling with an inferior socialized healthcare system.
a. In England soaring taxes go toward waste, corruption, and mismanagement in the healthcare system, not patient care (Wheatcroft).
2. Sweden is mired in inefficiency and high taxes.
C, The cost of socialized healthcare would be too high in the US.
1. It is estimated that it would cost a family of four more than $5,000 per year in taxes to cover the cost (Lemieux).
D. The quality of healthcare declines in a socialized system.
1. There are recent reports in Canada where people have had to wait for a year for needed surgery (Williams).
2.Time from a referral from a general practitioner to treatment is 17.9 weeks in Canada (Williams).
3. The waiting time for an MRI is as long as 33 weeks (Williams).
E. The concept of free healthcare drains the system by over-consumption.
1. People have the perception that services are free and clog the system with unnecessary treatments (Bernstein).
a. The end result is overworked doctors that offer a minimum amount of care and time.
b. Ontario has recently conceded that it needs an additional 1,000 doctors (Tired of Socialized Medicine).
F. There are only a small percentage of people in the US that are not covered by private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or state programs.
1. 33% of the uninsured are eligible for a government program but haven't bothered to apply (Goodman).
2. The remainder receive free care at state charity expense or written off as a loss (Goodman).
a. These write offs and reimbursements are already at the taxpayer and consumer expense.
b. A socialized program would only complicate the problem.
IV. Would the Canadian healthcare system work in the United States
A. The Canadian healthcare system would not work in the US because it does not work as well as the current US system.
1. A socialized system does not make any allowances for diversity.
a. The US is highly diverse and the broad-based approach would not be acceptable to the US population.
2. Socialism reduces the drive to innovate new techniques and new products ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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