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Healthcare Institutional Affiliation: Table of contents Introduction 3 Literature review 4 Methodology 7 Dissemination 9 Timetable 9 Conclusion 10 Recommendation 11 Bibliography 13 Introduction Social policy refers to a set of principles, legislation, or guidelines that have effect on the welfare of human beings…
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Healthcare Policy Issue
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Download file to see previous pages Social policy in general is designed to deal with equity issues in the society. It serves as a platform through which wellbeing of members of a society is addressed to ensure equal access to resources for equal benefit of every member of that society. Healthcare refers to the diagnosis, cure and prevention of diseases and other mental and physical impairments in human beings. The process of treatment is offered by practitioners in nursing, pharmacy, medicine and dentistry. Across the globe, right to use healthcare is dissimilar from one country to another depending on the administration of the nation in question. The aspects that are taken into consideration in regards to healthcare include: health policies, economic and social conditions in a country. There are policies that govern every nation in regards to population and personal-based health care objectives. This gives a clear impression that in each nation, there are rules that guide the sytem when it comes to healthy matters. This is basically controlled by the management of the every nation. Healthcare is a policy issue that is sensitive to countries globally. This is because it is an issue that affects human beings and should be taken into consideration has it has many impacts on the society at large. ...
Other issues that will be discussed include financial positions of both nations in the healthcare field. This will include how administrative bodies of both nations contribute to handling issues that affect the health of the public. That is the steps taken by each management to make certain that the citizens in each nation live comfortably without the fear of diseases. The level at which diseases strike a region and the diseases that are mostly known to affect the two geographical regions are among the issues that will as well be discussed. Healthcare issue is one of those factors that bring about many changes to the society. This project will also give an illustration of how healthcare as a policy issue has brought about changes to the nations of Great Britain and United States of America. These changes include, economical changes, social and at some point physical changes when it comes to personal level. The project will also mention how the countries take care of patients and how prevention is done in order to avoid the healthy people being infected. This is majorly because there are diseases which are known to be airborne which means that patients suffering from such diseases are not supposed to come into contact with those who are not infected. The methodologies implemented by the nations to avoid spread of diseases will therefore be discussed. Literature review Social policy in countries that have stable democracies such as the United States and Great Britain operates like legal policies. Most of the existing policies are consistent with UN Charter on Human Rights. This clearly explains why healthcare is considered to be a social policy issue. There are many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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