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Policies Needed to Improve Healthcare Quality - Research Paper Example

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According to Mark R. Chassin and Robert W. Galvin (1998), in their consensus statement, healthcare quality in the United State is on its knees. Using various scientific…
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Policies Needed to Improve Healthcare Quality
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Extract of sample "Policies Needed to Improve Healthcare Quality"

Download file to see previous pages In turn, many Americans are hurting since the medicine-linked care system is also suffering. The major contributors of the problems within the healthcare systems include poor training of the clinicians, ineffective delivery of care and poor quality of the services offered (Chassin and Robert, 1998).
In accordance to John M. Luce, Andrew B. Bindman and Philip R. Lee (1994), healthcare quality has always been measured using various ideologies and facts. These facts include taking note of fundamental aspects in the healthcare sector. These things encompass taking note of patient’s satisfaction, therapeutic procedures involved and diagnostic methods applied. History has it that healthcare’s low quality may have its roots way back in the 19th century. Whereby, during this time, medicine sector in America was in the control of profit making institutions. Moreover, under the same organizations, the medicine world was disorganized and lacked high standard quality. In light of this, an organization was pioneered to retrieve ownership and control of the medicine sector from the profit-minded organizations. This organization was known by the name American Medical Association.
In the early 1900s, a man by the name Ernest Codman saw it fit to make contacts with treated patients to inquire of their satisfaction with the healthcare services. However, many ignored this action and led to the increased poor quality of the healthcare sector. In addition to his call for inquiry of the satisfaction, Codman also made various suggestions that would help salvage the deteriorating healthcare quality. However, just like before, most people in the healthcare sector ignored and led to the increasing low quality of the medical services. These suggestions included organization of the hospital staff, tracking and keeping medical records, forming medical rules and regulations and making supervised diagnosis. Over the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policies Needed to Improve Healthcare Quality Research Paper.
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