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Discuss health policy issues related to quality care for each of the following: medical home model meaningful use/EMR/outcomes measures medical errors medical liability - Assignment Example

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Equally, there has been rising claims backed up with increasing evidence showing that the quality of healthcare in America differs significantly. Due to this…
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Discuss health policy issues related to quality care for each of the following: medical home model meaningful use/EMR/outcomes measures medical errors medical liability
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"Discuss health policy issues related to quality care for each of the following: medical home model meaningful use/EMR/outcomes measures medical errors medical liability"

Download file to see previous pages 108). It is therefore important to discuss the various health policy issues that are related to the quality care of medical home model, meaningful use/electronic medical records/outcomes, medical errors issues and medical liability.
The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model that has been formulated with the aim of ensuring that children, youth and adults access comprehensive primary healthcare. In several American states, medical practitioners, hospitals and other health services providers are poorly integrated when it comes to the concept of organization, culture, and financing. The payment systems currently available merely offer reinforcement to the delivery systems that offer basic healthcare to the American citizens, but do not offer “quality” healthcare (Stanley, 2010, p. 81). The payment systems available currently also delivers limited incentives for the service providers to invest in improved care for patients with chronic illnesses which are responsible for a greater percentage of healthcare expense as compared to the acute illnesses.
Significantly, it is worth noting that among the numerous proposals for payment and delivery systems that have been subjected to debate, the medical home model is one of the concepts that has gained much attention by practitioners in both the private and public sectors. The medical home model has been proposed by many parties such as insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and the Congress, which has consistently demonstrated its support for the change in the payment structure for the Medicare system. Though the definitions for medical home vary broadly, the general idea behind the medical home model is to ensure appropriate organization and coordination of healthcare. Several advocates of the medical home model identify that this model has numerous benefits, some of which may include improved healthcare quality, reduced medical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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