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What can every nurse do to influence policy that improves quality - Essay Example

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Nurses must undertake primary accountability for their professional and personal growth via efforts that enhance individual opportunities and education.This paper will illustrate ways in which nurses can influence policymaking at every level of the system. …
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What can every nurse do to influence policy that improves quality
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Download file to see previous pages Further emphasis should be on assimilating leadership concept and comprehensive business procedures across the program and around the field of clinical practice. The governmental and public-private healthcare policy making bodies at each level must have nursing representatives on their administrative management teams, boards, and in major leadership positions. This paper will illustrate ways in which nurses can influence policymaking at every level of the system. Nursing is placed to have a noteworthy influence in the healthcare structure. The degree of that influence is utterly reliant on the inclination of the career to cultivate the role aptitudes and leadership crucial to make a transformation in guaranteeing quality, reachable healthcare in a transformed and transmuting health structure (ANA, 2008). Nevertheless, it is without doubt that it is up to the nursing profession, and its frontrunners to establish the professional and political maturity. This will enable the profession to parley the compound setting of interdisciplinary cooperation; the tenacity of contrasting support positions; placing of nurses at major legislative, organizational, and policymaking boards; also stating nursing's valid part in decisions and actions that advance efficient quality healthcare. (Cherry & Trotter 2005). 1) To impact institutional policy, every nurse, regardless of setting or specialty, has expertise to contribute to the discussions focused on health care improvement. List Ways that nurses can contribute to the discussion focused on health care improvement. Nurses should demonstrate capabilities as the main players in the field of healthcare policymaking. Nurses must view policy as a thing they are obligated to fashion rather than something they have no control over. In inter-disciplinary healthcare environs, actual partnership necessitates assumption of complete responsibility. Nurses can influence institutional policy by coordinating, and leading endeavors that identify problems related to care improvement, waste, tracking quality enhancement, and achieving established goals. Another way that nurses can contribute in policymaking is by devising collaborative strategies that are indispensable to good practice (ANA, 2008). The modern healthcare environment is progressively interdependent hence; a new type of partnership-centered leadership is essential to reduce errors, improve patient outcomes, and influence staff involvement and satisfaction. By refining their inborn adaptive capacity to advance their ability to incorporate the continually changing healthcare dynamic, nurses can successfully engage others in transforming care. It is up to nurses to break historic perceptions, biases, gender references and inaccurate perceptions of nurses as those who perform the instructions of others (Cohen et al., 2003). 2) To impact local or community policies: List ways that nurses can contribute to the discussion focused on health care improvement There is a need for capable and strong leadership if the goal for transmuting healthcare is to be achieved. The nursing profession should have leaders at each level of the organization. Nurses should accept major leadership positions in politics, organizations, practice, and most importantly in policymaking. Nurses must display leadership capability, and high-level concerted skills as provisions for transformation and execution of health modification demand. These skills should display at each level and in every manner that influence the advancing potential for modern premium patient care. To influence local or communit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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