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The Clinical Governance issues and strategy for Neuro-intensive - Essay Example

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This report is a review of the current status of the unit in terms of clinical governance issues, so a clinical governance strategy can be developed. This author upon reviewing current evidence and following comparison with the current status on the unit, arrives at certain recommendations, which have been presented in the following sections. …
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The Clinical Governance issues and strategy for Neuro-intensive
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Download file to see previous pages The quality of care can only be accomplished by strict adherence to protocols, knowledge of current evidence, and an able leadership. With patient-centered approach in the unit, a planned approach to educate the staff about new techniques, awareness of patient's safety and activity levels, and improvement of knowledge about the patient's condition can be used to improve quality of care. The training programs should consider factors that can affect the quality of care and techniques to prevent them. Compliance of the leadership staff is an important stimulator for compliance of the staff. Quality improvement drives based on evaluation of care and educations have both been seen to reduce the rates of incidents and to improve the quality of care. The incident reports and its root cause analysis can be used as tools in such training. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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