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Nurse-to-patient Ratio Staffing - Research Paper Example

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Legally mandated nurse to patient ratios is a controversial topic in healthcare. In this profession, there are state laws that require a certain level of staffing for each particular unit. Hospitals must balance their revenues with expenditures and patients and nurses are affected by these decisions…
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Nurse-to-patient Ratio Staffing
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Download file to see previous pages Legally mandated nurse to patient ratios is a controversial topic in healthcare. In this profession, there are state laws that require a certain level of staffing for each particular unit. Hospitals must balance their revenues with expenditures and patients and nurses are affected by these decisions. Mandating ratios is one attempt to ensure that a nurse workload does not exceed the needed level for adequate patient care (Conway, 2008). However, these essential ratios are not without consequences. Ratio advocates argue that fewer staffing levels are appropriate for patient care, better working conditions and higher rates of nurse retention. Those who oppose, claim that ratios will affect hospital budgets and reduce management flexibility in addressing patient’s needs.The paper will research the problem in both sides, having arguments opposed and in support of mandatory ratios. I will use survey data, interviews and original research to support both sides.Nurses have an integral role in the systems of health care. State-mandated safe-staffing ratios will be important to ensure both patient and nurse safety. Adequate staffing is a way to nurse retention and patient care while lack of staffing can endanger patients and can pull the nurses away from their profession (ANA, 2011). However, staffing can also increase budgets and affect the management flexibility in dealing with patient's problems. Does the nurse to patient staffing ratios affect the hospital performance positively or negatively? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurse-to-Patient Ratio Staffing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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