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In the paper “Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratio” the author analyzes limited resources and increased demand for health services. Nursing organizations have, for a long time, reported the shortage of the personnel required in the provision of the high quality care…
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Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratio
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Download file to see previous pages Comprehensive studies undertaken by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) confirms that there is a relationship between nurse staffing and health care outcomes (Kane et al., 2007). An increase in the nurse staffing leads to a reduction in the prevalence and mortality rates caused by treatable diseases. At the local level, nurses should be encouraged to use the reward power when lobbying for support from the legislators. The candidates should only be assured of votes if they offer their support to the health issue (Abood, 2007). The hospitals should be required to establish nurse controlled staffing committees. This creates the strategies necessary for matching the patient population with the available staffing. The results from such committee are presented to the legislative members to provide them with the real problem for support. At the state level, nurses should be involved in the sponsoring of the annual state legislative days to arrest the attention of legislators and influential leaders. The legislative days will be characterized by fellowships and internships that offer information on the importance of maintaining suitable nursing ratios for effective health care delivery. These workshops will bring nurses together and raise awareness on the current health care issues. Once the nurses are made aware of the situation, they can identify the pros and cons of the necessary solutions to the problem. Awareness will also motivate individual nurses to attract the involvement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nurse-to-Patient Ratio mandate every point in time during a shift on every shift. This ratio mandate may have the potential to break regulations when incidentals occur with nurses such as rest room breaks and lunch. For this literature review, articles were retrieved by searching databases such as, SocIndex, EBSCO, ProQuest, Ovid, CINAHL, and Science Direct to ascertain articles pertaining to the stated research question. Combinations of terms and words ‘nurse burnout’, ‘nurse-to-patient ratios’, ‘nurse dissatisfaction’, ‘patient dissatisfaction’,...
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Nurse-Patient Ratio

...? Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratio Valerie Blemur Florida International NUR 4667 – Nursing in Global Health System October 29, Nurse-Patient Ratios The global health care systems are faced with limited resources and increased demand for health services. The base of seeking support is related to the following proof: Nursing organizations have, for a long time, reported the shortage of the personnel required in the provision of the high quality care (Aiken, Xue, Clarke & Sloane, 2007). The recent large scale research on nursing shortage indicates that the current...
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Nurse patient ratio act handle mundane jobs. Sometimes hospitals have to train temporary nurses in specific concerns, leading to more sizable costs. Today, many hospitals have to rely on inexperienced or temporary nurses trained through community sponsored or hospital programs. There is a lot of concern that the use of such nurses, even while being extremely costly for hospitals, low quality patient care. References Aiken, L. H., Sloane, D. M., Cimiotti, J. P., Clarke, S. P., Flynn, L., Seago, J. A., Spetz, J., & Smith, H. L. (2010). Implications of the California Nurse Staffing Mandate for Other States. Health Services Research. Allen, L. (2008). The...
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Nurse-Patient Ratio

...? NursePatient Ratio Mandating NursePatient Ratios The American Nurses Association ropes a legislative model where nurses are permitted in making staffing tactics for every part (American Nurses Association, 2012). It helps in founding the level of staffing that are supple and accounts for alterations. This paper discusses whether nurse recruitment in Florida hospitals where state-mandated least nurse-to-patient ratios are in effect, not similar from two states not having...
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...? Changing Nurse-Patient Ratio Staffing al Affiliation Changing Nurse-Patient Ratio StaffingNurse staffing is key to the delivery of quality health care in to patients. Health researchers on several occasions have reported a link between nurse staffing and the outcome of health care. In fact, some health care researchers have reported that a small number of patients die daily in heath care institutions on causes that are preventable. According to the Abood (2007), it was found that shortage of nurses in a hospital is linked to high mortality rates. Several studies have...
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Does mandating nurse-patient ratios improve care

...Running Head: Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios. Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios Institution: Date: Article Review-Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios The nursing practice is quite challenging, because the working hours are long and they at times entail attending to night shifts, which may include caring for chronically ill or dying people. This challenge coupled by the shortage of nurses in the past decade has presented a big challenge to the health sector. As a result of the...
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...Nurse Patient Man d Ratio Affiliation Mandating Nurse Patient ratio Mean workloads in Pennsylvania and New Jerseywere higher than California (Aikan, et al., 2010). Lesser workloads for associated with the California nurses led to positive evaluation of their environment Higher number of nurses in California compared to New Jersey and Pennsylvania showed that their working shifts were reasonable and they received substantial support (Aikan, et al., 2010). Despite increased workload their number was still enough to provide high quality care and still managed to go on 30 minutes break Since the staffing legislations, only 15 percent of nurses increased use of LVNs while 25 percent decreased their use (Aikan, et al., 2010). A third... of the...
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Mandating Nurse-Patient Ratios

...Strategies to Influence Voters Outline Nurses are sentient of today’s problematic healthcare system a) Theneed for an overhaul. b) Strategies need to be put into place i) Useful expertise enables them to set up conventions (Pantel, 1998). 2. Identifying the role of the nurses a) Plan on how to venture into the politics and policy world. b) Set up measures to influence votes of legislators c) Increase nurse-patient ratios to enhance efficiency (Rushefsky, 1998), 3. Policies should be set up to facilitate legislation process a) Enact minimum nurse staffing requirements b) Upgrade/modernize the working...
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.... This is because there will be enough employees to attend to all patients in all wards on time. Increase in their number and salaries will act as a source of motivation to them. Hence, they will offer better services. It is the mandate of the federal government to ensure that all citizens receive better care in these hospitals. Hence, this policy will be of great help in improving the welfare of all citizens. My opinion This policy means a lot to the health sector in New York and the whole country in general. The issue of low nurse-to-patient ratio has been a significant challenge to this sector. Hence, the legislators have done an excellent job by...
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.... Furthermore, nurses who happen to care for a significantly larger number of patients tend to be overworked and may fall short of what is expected of them in their respective healthcare facilities. In my opinion, Staffing, often seen as a structural function, is crucial in determining patient outcomes, and thus; should be paid attention to if the problem is to be dealt with. Long hours/shifts result in poor morale and judgment, hence; negative patient outcomes. In 2004, California became the first state to mandate staffing ratios to its nurses, specifically 4:1 where four patients could be handled by one...
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