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Universal healthcare the only answer - Essay Example

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It is the intention of the current investigation to act as a proponent for universal healthcare in the US, based on community health principles rather than the principles of the business and market. This is a divisive issue, and there are many sides, so the current report must…
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Universal healthcare the only answer
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Download file to see previous pages Healthcare is a human right, also in the Constitution under life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but many Americans do not feel its benefits. Universal healthcare is the only answer because it will also save money. “We can eliminate wasteful inefficiencies such as duplicate paper work, claim approval, insurance submission, etc. We can develop a centralized national database which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for doctors” (Universal, 2009). There are many reasons to support universal healthcare supported by community health principles.
Universal healthcare is about representing a true community healthcare principle of access for all, not just for all who can afford it. In terms of base arguments, supporters of national healthcare tend to argue that there should be a single-payer system in which healthcare is financed by the government but the government does not take control of the system in a way that diminishes privatized options. But on the other hand, “The current crisis in the U.S. healthcare system may be more one of perception than fact. While it is true that in certain areas of the country and for some segments of the population there are real healthcare access and coverage problems, coverage is available in most places and for most individuals. The magnitude of the crisis may not be significant enough to justify the major changes in the healthcare delivery system that will result from present reform proposals” (Kalkhof, 1994). It is the recommendation of this report that the current system of managed care observed at modern healthcare facilities should be changed from a consumer-based platform to a patient-based platform in which there is universal coverage and a renewed attention to upholding patient rights. “According to principles of American paternalism, no American should go without food and water, shelter, clothing, sanitary facilities, protection, physically and legal, equal opportunity, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Universal Healthcare the Only Answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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