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Sustainability issues in providing Healthcare Services at Nicaragua Canal Project - Research Paper Example

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The HCSS Healthcare services negotiations within the newly proposed evacuating canal project in Nicaragua and its market environment has consistently provoked a competitive market structure to already existing Panama project and other stakeholders due to multiple congestions of…
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Sustainability issues in providing Healthcare Services at Nicaragua Canal Project
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Download file to see previous pages The HCSS proposed project’s objectives are focused towards developing a new canal project in Nicaragua whose most beneficiaries are employees and their families in conjunction with provision of healthcare services to the indigenous people. In addition, the proposed project has provoked the HCSS and CSR expertise to design a health management program that proactively identifies evacuating and healthcare services related issues with aims of reducing accidents, trauma and congestion of shipping traffics. Therefore, marketing, environmental management, and human resources related issues are identified within the organization illustrating environmental, Capacity Building and Corporate Social Responsibility dilemmas as the central challenges that needs resolution for mitigation measures (Frutos-Bencze, 2014).
The analysis presented in this paper is helpful in understanding sustainability and health care services in relation to Nicaraguan canal development. Further analysis in this paper uncovers the entire organization dilemma, issues, and concepts or approaches used to tackle in tackling all the related issues in relation to HCSS developers, locals, and Federal Government agencies. In details, the paper explores and explains the Nicaraguan environmental issues exposing out the significance of the government structure and the corporate social responsibilities and the theories generated to support the arguments (Ogawa & Suzuki, 2015). Based on international context for sustainability, capacity building, and Corporate Social Responsibility the paper critically evaluates the impacts of environmental implications in relation to the Nicaraguan environmental issues as well as business growth (Grove & Berg, 2014).
As Nicaraguan health care program experiences foundational dilemmas from different components of marketing, environmental management to human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainability Issues in Providing Healthcare Services at Nicaragua Research Paper.
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