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Culture Briefing. Nicaragua - Research Paper Example

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Nicaragua. It is important to appreciate the element of diversity that weaves through the fabric of the Nicaraguan society in such a manner that influences the way people perceive reality and respond to various experiences…
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Culture Briefing. Nicaragua
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Download file to see previous pages As such, all systems and strategies of leadership have to address themselves to these unique attributes in order to achieve some level of meaning and efficiency. Nicaragua has gone through a troubled history with challenges on nearly all the spheres of her national life. Appropriating these challenges into opportunities is a leadership skill that entails strategy, reflection, and judgment.
Nicaragua is situated in Central America on the borders of Honduras and Costa Rica to the North and South respectively. Nicaragua’s geographical positioning places it within the tropics. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea surround the country to the west and east respectively. In terms of size, Nicaragua remains the largest country in Central America. Two lowlands and a highland divide the country (Gritzner, 2010). The lowlands are the Pacific lowlands and the Caribbean lowlands while the central highland situates at the center of the country. In this regard, it follows that much of the country features significant aspects of geographical features that relate to the highland and the two lowlands. Nicaragua remains one of the biologically unique countries due to its unique ecosystems, which thrive within the fertile areas of the country. The element of biodiversity features among the country’s attraction as a destination of tourism and research.
In essence, some of the issues that attend to the element of diversity have to be regarded in terms of the distinguishing geographical features that separate the country into its unique aspects. It might be argued that the determination of the country’s diversity is to be determined through a vast array of features that determine the manner in which it relates to the element of diversity. In this regard, some of the issues that attend to the element of diversity have to be considered within the context of geographical uniqueness and the rich tropical climate that enables the thriving of the diverse ecosystem in the Central American country (Staten, 2010). Its vast geographical space offers unique advantages that connect within the social and environmental spheres as understood within the element of cultural diversity. The history of Nicaragua weaves together the origin, lives, and experiences of the original inhabitants and the indigenous groups of the region before bringing out the various aspects of life that connect with the experiences of colonialism and the struggles of the post-colonial country. The original inhabitants of Nicaragua were people who spoke the Chibcha language. They lived simple lives and practiced hunting and gathering as their mainstay. The original inhabitants lacked permanent places as they kept shifting from one region to another, within the vast countryside, in search for food and water. Conflicts between them and other indigenous group led to migrations and settlements in areas that would later define the different ethnic compositions of Nicaragua (Baracco, 2005). However, the inhabitants who made the most significant impact on the history of Nicaragua were the people of Nicarao ethnic group from whom the name Nicaragua was derived. These people later encountered the Spanish conquers who mingled with the native women leading to the mixed race of the mixed race that constitutes the dominant race of the people of Nic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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